Blazing 777

Tom has had another child. What?! THE?! FUCKKKKKKKK?! I. I. I. CAN. NOT. EVEN.

I have been asking him to get a vasectomy since 2010. He’s spent 7 years dancing around the subject, instead of making an appointment. If he’d have taken my advice, he’d have 3 less kids. This dude’s situation just went from worst to take me now Lord!

So, he’s got kids with the wife, kids with me, and kids with her. Three “baby mommas”. Butttttt, he ain’t got but ONE CHECK though!!!! And, my kids are already getting from the top. Andddd, he’s got other garnishments. He literally could NOT afford to have another baby. He’s currently $36K, yes K, in child support arrears. He really can’t afford to even be fucking, especially not raw.

The kicker though is that he’s somehow managed to convince BM#3 to keep this baby a secret. Ohhhhhh, he’s gooooood!!! I’m sure he’s citing the impending divorce, the fact that I can do some pretty petty shyt when I feel disrespected, he may have to pay out more money during the divorce, and (notice I didn’t use or) that I’ll figure out a way to get more child support.

But who does that?! What mother would agree to not show her pregnancy or newborn baby off to protect you from people you are still fucking, and she KNOWS you’re still fucking?!

I wish that MF woulda asked me to hide either one of mine. I would have hid them in plain site! Right on his fucking Facebook page and tagged his trifling ass in it. But, I guess he knows who he can get to do what, and she’s a naive, low self esteem having, piss poor ass mother for hiding a whole damn baby.

That’s good though, because that makes them perfect for each other because he’s a piss poor, broke ass, ain’t shyt ass, fuck nigga.

She can gone post the baby now though, because I’ve spilled all of this tea hunni! Everybody knows now. Me. And the wife.

I bet that nigga is trembling in his socks, waiting to see what we, the wife and I, will do to make him pay for this mistake.

My petty game is strong as fuck and is in full activation mode.


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