Proud of Myself

I didn’t have sex with Dick while I was in ATL this weekend. Yayyyy!!! I didn’t even see his ass. And, I am totally fine with that.

Oh, he called and he texted me. I was very short with my responses though. He went MIA on Saturday and most of Sunday, of course. Then, had the nerve to get mad at me because I hadn’t called or texted him AT ALL. Didn’t Tink Tink call?

Ohhhhh, you thought I was going to blow you up trying to see you? Nahhhhh bro. I don’t give a damn about you like that. That’s Tink Tink’s job.

Then, he wanted me to stop by his job on my way out. Nigga, please…So, I’m supposed to drive and go out of my way to see you before I leave? You never thought. That’s Tink Tink’s job.

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