And Just Like That…

Tom is back mad at me. SMH with a laugh… It’s comical…

So, we were supposed to hang out for the Fourth weekend, but he came up with the excuse of not having any money to go where we had JUST planned when we saw each other on Thursday night. Okay, here we go…

This nigga had the nerve to ask me to send money for the kids. Talking about he feels like he’s paying double by paying child support and taking care of the kids while he has them. Say what, nigga?! If you don’t get off my line with that bullshyt!

First of all, now you see how I’ve felt for the last 7 years. I’ve taken care of my kids by myself all of this time. And, you have done a very limited amount of help.

And, two, you are $25K in child support arrears. Sooooo, you’ll be paying me when you have the kids for a long ass time son. How dare you fix your mouth to ask me for some money?

And, three, this is the very first time that he has even had the kids for this amount of time. Even though there’s a custody agreement that says he’s supposed to have them every other weekend AND for the summer AND 1 week for Christmas AND Spring Break. And, it damn sure doesn’t mention a damn thing about me paying you while you have them.

And, four, now you see that the amount you pay, really can, and probably will, be used to, gasp, take care of the kids. It takes that, and plenty of some. So, take care of your damn kids for a change.

And, five, this is not really even about you needing money or help to take care of the kids. This is all about the fact that your little excuse did not stop ME from going somewhere for the weekend and enjoying myself. You couldn’t stand the fact that you had the kids while I was out having fun. So, you did everything you thought you could to try to kill my vibe.

Well, you failed. Tada! I enjoyed my weekend. Sans you. Would have been better if I’d had sex, but hey…can’t have everything, right?

So, that’s where we are now. He’s still mad and having limited conversation with me. He’ll probably bring the kids back home sooner rather than later. Punk ass…

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