I didn’t do anything special for MDW. I pretty much slept all day Sunday and Monday. Only getting up to cook for the kids. We didn’t even kick off the BBQ season.

I worked extra on Saturday. Six hours turned into 9. SMH…can never leave that place on time. This was my fault though. I could have left at the scheduled time, but I stayed over to help out. Then, I got stuck. Wouldn’t you know it? Sighhh…try to do a good deed and look what it gets me.

The kids wanted to do things, but it was raining through out Sunday and Monday, so that was a no go. Then, the lights and internet went out. FML With small kids with electronics and tv, no electricity was not a good thing. No one to play with but mommy…yayyyyy! Insert sarcasm here…

We survived though. They actually had to play with the hundreds of toys that they have. Gasp! They put their imagination to use.

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