He Will Survive

I wonder about my oldest son sometimes. Okay, most of the time. I wonder how he’s going to survive on his own. I strongly think that he lacks the independent LIFE skills to make it. Let me explain…

So, he is the first child, first son, first grandchild, first great grandchild, first boy to come along since I was born. He had quite a few of firsts…and he’s capitalized on all of them. Which has made him a very lazy and entitled young adult.

Now, I know I played a part in this. But, my part was very small. lol Most of this was done by his grandparents and aunts. They spoiled him…rotten…and now, it’s going to be detrimental to his survival on his own.

He doesn’t even know how to cook. Why? Because he’s not responsible enough to cook in my kitchen. I tried to teach him. But, he’d forget that he was cooking and go outside or upstairs, only remembering when I screamed his name after finding the kitchen smoky and the food and pots burned. He’s been regulated to only the microwave, and I’m iffy about that. As a child, he once put a football in the microwave because he wanted to see it blow up.

I’ve given him responsibilities like taking out the trash, washing dishes, cleaning up the house, sweeping, mopping…but he either forgets or half ass does it. He is in charge of his own laundry. And, he won’t wash for a month. He has to completely run out of things to wear. Completely run out. To avoid doing laundry, he will come down and get towels out of my bathroom. He’s used all of my “good” towels. And, my decorative towels. Smh

He’s irresponsible with money. I know, most teenagers are. But, he goes above and beyond. He’s spent $500 in two days. Ask him what he bought, and none of it were things that he needed. I believe he literally thinks that money grows on trees. And, he seems to think that I got money just coming out my ass.

Gave him a car. He didn’t tell me about the oil needing changing so, of course, it’s not currently working. And, after 2 years of autoshop classes, you’d think he’d know that the oil needed changing. Hell, you’d think he’d know how to change the oil himself. But, nahhhhh…

So, now, he’ll be off to college soon. And, that worries me. Maybe moreso than any normal parent worries about their child going off to college for the first time. I don’t think he’s ready for that transition. I know he’s not.

Who’s going to wake him up in the morning for class? Who’s going to make him stay in and do his homework? Or study? Who’s going to remind him that his money has to last him for the rest of the week, so maybe he should just eat in the cafeteria instead of buying McDonald’s? Who’s going to take the keys to the car so that he doesn’t burn all the gas out just joy riding? Who’s going to make him clean his room? Who’s going to remind him that his friends at loyal and can’t be trusted? All of these things, I knew when I went off to college.


Well, it’s sink or swim time for him. Survival of the fittest. Maybe, once I’m (and every other support person he has) not there, he’ll be forced to grow up…real quick. I’ve told him before, that life is going to slap him so hard in the face. Once it does, maybe then his common sense will kick in and he’ll finally understand all that I’ve been trying to tell him.

But, sometimes we have to buy our own lessons. Those seem to be the only ones we really learn from. Hope he doesn’t run out of money before he knows what he needs to know.

Thank God he doesn’t have any kids. I pray that it’s a long, long, long time before that happens…


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