Andddd, Just Like That

Tom is back mad at me. Shyt! I guess he’s gonna get mad every time he gets paid? Niggggggaaaaaa! Get over it!!! It’s your own damn fault! Not mine!

You had every opportunity to do right. You just wouldn’t. What the fuck you thought was going to happen?! Ohhhh, you thought that since you were eating my pussy good and dicking me down, that I wouldn’t?! Boy!!!! LOL This is business! Nothing personal. My kids come first! BUSINESS!!!

I been did this! I did it with the first child. You should have known it was only a matter of time before I added the rest. Hell, you can’t eat my pussy long enough and your dick can’t stay hard forever. You aren’t my man. You are married, remember?! And, cheating with me and another chick on the side. With kids with us all. How you figure that you were going to be able to avoid this?

The amount you pay isn’t my fault either. You should have known that it takes more to raise children than what you were giving. And, got the nerve to be in arrears, too?! Tuh! Got the nerve to say you thought I was down for you…nahhhh nigga! My loyalty lies with my kids! Always have…always will…

Sorry…I ain’t sorry!

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