Back To the Daily Grind

Welp, Tom left this morning. So, I’ll be back in full mommy mode this evening when I get home. Sighhhh…I really enjoyed the time off though…It was much needed.

I enjoyed the dick and head, too. lol It’s always great though (which is why I can’t leave this nigga alone)! This time, I had gotten a couple of Cialis from a friend of mine, and honey!!! His dick was rock hard and ready for several rounds. Not that he needs any help with keeping his dick up or stamina, but I just wanted to see the effects of it since several of my friends have been raving about it.

Eh, it’s not something he needs to take again. I’m good. He said it didn’t make that much of an impact on things. So, we probably won’t do it again. It did have Gina sore as hell though trying to keep up…like it literally hurt to sit down. That’s not something I’m trying to have happen very often. Gina can’t be knocked out of commission on a regular basis.

Oh, well. It’ll probably be a minute before I see him again anyway. Payday is coming soon and he’ll be back mad at me again when he sees his check. lol

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