Guess Who’s Mad…Again?

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you already know who I’m talking about. Tom ol’ bipolar ass…He gets on my last damn nerves…

Why he mad? Why else? Child support. And, he’s BIG mad about it, too! And, I don’t give two fucks about him being mad. Fuck him!

Making sure my kids are taken care of is my first priority…it’s BUSINESS…MY business. Ain’t nobody gonna do it better than me. And, don’t nobody give a fuck about them more than me.

Fucking him is personal. Yes, I like his dick and tongue. He gives Gina a great feeling and she just loves to cum in his mouth and on his dick. But, Gina ain’t got shyt on Scarlet’s kids. They come FIRST! Gina cum second…

He feels like I played him. Boy stop! Ohhhhh, you thought because you dick me down, I’d let child support slide? Nahhhhh playa! You, sir, got me fucked up! You played yourself by underestimating your opponent. You never, ever, ever, ever do that! I am the Queen nigga, and you will never take me…Checkmate!

It’s cool though…he’ll be alright. He’ll calm down soon. But, if he doesn’t, that’s cool as fuck, too.


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