I have blocked Tom. Well, not really. But, he thinks that I have. And, that’s the way I want and like it!

I do not respond to any text messages. I know he sends them to see if he’s blocked. I do not call him and when the kids call, I block my number so that he’ll think that I have a new number.

I have asked him to only communicate with me through email. That’s not going well because he’s not responding to them. He wants me to call and TALK to him. But, THAT’S not going to happen.

We have absolutely nothing to talk to each other about that can’t be discussed via email. I’d prefer it that way, actually. That way, I’ll have a paper trail for future references.

He told the boys that he would get them for the break, but has yet to inform me. Soooo, how’s that going to happen? They can’t get their bags ready by themselves. Plus, dates and times need to be coordinated. Ughhhh! He’s making this co parenting thing sooooo difficult.

It’s going to be a long 10-20 years. Sighhhhhhh

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