So, guess who called me Tuesday morning?! Dick!!! I was getting ready for work and noticed the phone was ringing. I was like, now, whotf is calling me this early in the morning? I walk over to the phone, saw the name I have him saved as, and damn near fell out!

Ohhhhhh, after not talking to this nigga for almost 3 months, he just calls my damn phone? Out the blue?! I thought he was big mad?! Super mad!

So, what this nigga want?

He wanted to wish me a happy birthday and a happy Taurus season. Da fuq?! Nigga, it’s May 2nd, my birthday is not until the middle of May. Why in the hell you feel the need to call me this early? Oh, according to him, because I may be gone for my birthday and “unreachable.” Yeah, right nigga…

I may be going somewhere, but I’m never unreachable. I have kids nigga. You know this and know that I’m always reachable. Even if I was, you could have just left a message. No need for all of this calling before 7:30am.

This nigga has been waiting all of this time to call me. “Mannn, I’m gonna call her in May and say happy birthday. I can’t do it on May 1st, makes me seem eager; like I’ve been waiting to contact her. I’m gonna call her on May 2nd.” KML

Nigga you ain’t slick!! You wanted to open up the lines of communication. You wanted to see if I had you blocked; if you could get through. You wanted to see if I’d answer the phone.

Wellll, you’re not blocked. I knew you’d call. Of course, I answered. I wanted to hear what you had to say. LOL However, you have not opened the lines of communication. I shall not be contacting you. Not even for your birthday next week. I’ve already told you happy birthday, so no need for anything else.

You thought this was a game?! Cool. Let’s play!


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