Here We Go…

Now, what this bitch want? By bitch I mean, Tom’s wife. I got a text from her last night talking bout tell the kids Happy Easter. Bitch, you ain’t thinking about my damn kids. Our last communication was back in January. It’s April now. Who the hell you think you fooling? What the fuck you really want?

Since it was Resurrection Sunday, I decided I wouldn’t be petty. I just sent back “I will” and left it at that. I didn’t feel like being entertained by her last night.

The bitch wants something. Easter was just her segway into what she really wants. Maybe she couldn’t find Tom. Maybe she wanted to bitch about the other baby momma. Maybe she trying to figure out where he went last week. Maybe she wanted to talk about him getting arrested to see if I knew about it (I do, by the way).

I don’t know what she wants. But, I’m sure she’ll be contacting me later on this week since I didn’t take the bait.

And, I didn’t mention shyt to my kids about no damn Happy Easter. Nope.


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