Worst Week Ever…

All fucking ready and it ain’t even Wednesday yet! Shyt!!

First off, I’m stuck at home with a sick child. I’m using PTO days that I really need to keep for next month shyt! Like damn it! I want to use these days for my own damn vacation. But, alas, this is the life of a mother…sighhhhhh…

Where the fuck his daddy at?! Ohhhhh, that’s right…Tom is in the fucking Dominican Republic!!! Yes, you read that shyt correctly! Crying about how fucking broke I got him, but apparently he has enough money to take a trip to the DR. I should know, because he and I went 2 years ago for my birthday. I mean, be original motherfucker! Find you somewhere else to take your other bitch. Fuck out of my face with that bullshyt! So, while I’m playing nurse to our son, he’s out on a beach soaking up the sun. Ohhhhh okay then! Bet! You don’t like it when I’m petty…and I’m about to be real petty nigga…

Then, I go outside to notice that my damn car has been ransacked and items have been stolen. How the fuck did that happen?! Ohhhh, because my oldest child left the motherfucking door unlocked last night. FML!!! I swear I could shoot a motherfucker right now! Not my child, but some damn body! This is MY shyt! I work hard for MY shyt! And, you think you can just take it?! Who and what gives you the fucking right?! Sick of this shyt!

Please, God, let tomorrow, when I wake up, be better…


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