I Could Get Used To This…

Waking up to Tom’s head between my legs. Yep…

So, Tom decided to pay us a little visit last night. He called when he was about 2 hours away and let me know he was on his way. Now, I’m bout sick and tired of this just popping up shyt. Like, nigga, how you know I don’t have another nigga over here? He knows I don’t though, because with all that I do, I have never had another man around my kids. But, hell, I could be seeing someone real special. You’n know…

Anyway, so I unlocked the door for him, showered and got in the bed. It was going to be around 11pm when he got here, so I knew I’d be sleep. I didn’t hear him come in at all. He had showered and everything and I was still knocked out. Woke up to his head between my legs…Ahhhhhhhh…what a great way to be awakened!

He’ll be here for the next two days…Great! Because I intend to not lift one finger to do anything for the kids while he’s here. I’m tired hell. You do it…Make yourself useful…

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