Shut the fuck up!!!!

I’m currently on the phone with Harry. He called me through Facebook messenger. He’s gonna have to be blocked now. Sighhhh

Anywho, this nigga is shallow and superficial. He’s telling me that I can’t like big dudes. Like why can’t I, nigga? Because they are beneath you. You just like big dudes so that you can get their money. Nooooo, I genuinely like big dudes. Prefer them over skinny niggas any and every day. Ain’t got shyt to do with money. GTFOH with that bullshyt!

Saying that I had my children as a means to come up. Like, nigga, how exactly did I come up? Because now you are getting child support. Really, nigga? Really? Child support is a come up? Nigga, I got these kids every single day. Damn child support! Child support is NOT a damn come up! At least, not for me. Shyt, I go to work every damn day! I could see if I sat on my ass all day and waited on my fat ass child support check to drop. Bitch! You got me fucked up!

I dislike this nigga with a passion. He thinks everyone has a hidden agenda and motive. So suspicious of everything and everyone. Everyone is not on his level and don’t think as he does. Of course, nigga. You are a conspiracy theorist. Everything is not a damn conspiracy.


I’m tired of listening to him talk. He irks the shyt out of me!

I just hung up on his ass! Really talked to him way too damn long…

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