Whoa now, Big Fella!

Tom’s  mad about child support…again! Sighhhhhh…looka here now! I done told you, child support is business! It’s nothing personal between me and you! This is strictly about our kids and wanted what’s due them and the best for them. Get out your feelings, Big Fella! You tried it, Big Fella. You’ll get over it, Big Fella. You’ll understand one day that I did what I had to do, Big Fella.

This might severely damper the weekend’s plans since he’s spitting fire right now. He told me we were done. Finished! Told me, I didn’t love him and that he was a fool to still love me after I put child support on him. Boy bye! You’re gonna continue to get this pussy as long as I continue to give it to you, so stop with the shenanigans.

Let’s see what the weekend holds…

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