Off All Week

I’ve been off work all week. I’ve had gastroenteritis (stomach virus) all week. Really, I just didn’t want to go.  Shyt, I’m tired. I’ve enjoyed these days off, too. I’m well rested now.

No one really knew I was off. Perfect! That way they couldn’t bother me. I’m tired of running other’s errands and shyt. Ohhhh, since you’re off, you can bring me lunch, or run to the bank, or go by the insurance place and check on my blah, blah, blah…I’m tired! Shyt!

The kids went to school. The house was all quiet. I should have utilized this time to clean out closets and throw away toys, but hell, I was sick. lol It was a struggle to get out of bed to cook. lol

I’ll regret this next week though…It’ll be back to reality on Monday…

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