It Goes Down in the DM, Part 2

So, I checked my page this afternoon and guess who had unblocked me and left me a message. That’s right little Miss Red Riding Hood. Ohhhh, she decided to play afterall. Bet!

She sent me a picture of her gun and where she had gone target practicing. Even put my name on the target. Awwwww…how nice of her! I sent her a pic of my gun back. Bitch, don’t get it twisted. I carry, too.

We then went on to exchange blows back and forth through Instagram. It was hilarious to me. I even shared it all with my girls. She’s a dumb ass. Like for real. She’s a sad case. Dick got her ass gone.

She told me he cried real tears and was afraid of losing her. Bitch, Dick is a manipulator and liar. Those tears weren’t real. He just did what he felt he had to do. I applaud his acting ability.

She kept asking me if I had a man. Yes, honey, OURS! We have the same man. This chick kept saying we couldn’t have the same man. Ohhhh, honey, but we do! She said she wants to keep my man company, while I’m with Dick. Girl stop! You ain’t bout that life! She just wanted information to go back and tell Dick. I gave her NONE!

I tried to tell this bitch that she didn’t have a man; that Dick was not HER man. I tried to let her know that Dick was indeed community dick, but she just wasn’t understanding. This dumb chick had the nerve to say “I do have a man, he just got side bitches! I’m cool with that!” SMFH Like, bitch, do you know how you just sounded? She dumb as fuck! Like who says that shyt?!

I told her we could be sister wives and friends since we know about each other and ain’t going nowhere. lol She didn’t like that idea. She said she was the main and I was the side chick. Bitch, ain’t no main! That’s what you’re failing to realize. Who is proud of being the main? Acknowledging that your dude has side chicks, but you’re okay with that because you feel like you are the main? Chile, you have a lot to learn about how this works. lol I told her I needed her to stay in his life. He needs an easy chick. One who is gonna be cool with him having side chicks.

I told her we could be friends…have a threesome even. kml Dick would like it better if we got along. kml She wasn’t down for that though…Ha!

I finally had to tell the bitch goodnight, because 3 hours later and she was still talking. Like damn girl! Stop trying to convince yourself that you are the main, and go fuck Dick! Shyt!

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