D Day

So, today was the day! It was time for Chief to come on with it. We both know what he wants, so he can stop being coy. Wellllllll, that didn’t quite happen. Sighhhhh Do I have to do everything?

So, I get there, and he’s busy so I have to wait. Not a problem. I want his undivided attention anyway. So, it’s cool. 

We talked all over what I came for. For 2 hours!!! I’m like wtf?! We’re supposed to be discussing specifics like the when and where, and we were discussing the damn Super Bowl. Like nigga get to the point!

Never really happened. I left disappointed. Like what just happened? He totally choked. Dropped the ball. 4th and inches and he fumbled the ball. 

Sooooo, gotta take shyt into my own hands. I hit him with a text. He immediately calls me. I’m like, so what are we doing here? We fucking or what? Like shyt man!

He gave a chuckle. Got em! 

We’ll be getting together next week. 

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